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Added on March 14, 2018

Sofia is down to earth, seriously sexy and has one of the most curvy physiques I have come across in the London scene. Firm and voluptuous in the right places is more than delightful. We met on a cold and grim day a few weeks ago and she made me most welcome and at ease on arrival. The sex is great and she kept me on my toes cause she urged me to adapt and try new things with her that I didn't know if I would like. I am sure this is not the first mention of this but she can absolutely have the best bum to slap. She liked it. She asked me for it. Facially she is pretty with deepish dark eyes that look through you like she was searching for something. Did she find it? I don't know you will have to ask her. I left 90 minutes later feeling hot, exhausted and hungry. Now I want to see her again. She is a rare and wondrous find.

Added on November 7, 2017

Sofia is great company, sweet and so kind. I was incredibly nervous to meet her and wasn't so sure how we would get on but it was like meeting an old flame. This girl knows what to do and how to do it. I am great example of that. I went back a 2nd time on my stay to visit her and now planning my return in the new year. What a pleasurable experience. My god!

Added on October 3, 2017

Wow is all I can say about this woman. From the initial contact to our first meeting on the day of the appointment , Sofia was professional , caring and sensual. Sofia has an open personality and gentle soul. Being with Sofia was like a voyage of discovery , for me it was not just about the sex but companionship as well and Sofia makes a great conversationalist, this enabled me to relax and create a connection that would make my adventure all the more enjoyable. When it came to the sex, Sofia is a Goddess of seduction , with a devilish side. She really knew what makes me tick and was able to go at a pace that suited me. Sofia has all the curves in the right places and her eyes are mesmerising , she never once took her eyes off me and drew me in with those beautiful dark eyes. I will be back ! J X

Added on September 12, 2017

I met Sofia last week in her well appointed apartment in Bayswater. Her place is incredibly stylish, just like the woman herself. The attention to detail was particularly noted which I feel enhanced my experience of me just being another punter. Sofia cares in her work seemingly taking pride in all she does. A rare commodity. I will not divulge the nitty gritty of what we got up to together but will report I was satisfied completely with this curvy latin siren who got my juices flowing more than once. She has relentless sexual drive and I needed a few breathers during the session. Energy in abundance topped with huge breasts and dark, deep black eyes make her the perfect company if you like women who know what they want and how to get it. The ultimate GFE with a wicked devilish side. I must add she is also very intelligent, we chatted about some fairly unusual topics which threw me off guard as I was not expecting this degree of intellect and sex. She was amusing trying to repeat her favourite position in my language and quite persistent on me demonstrating this. A super woman who I hope will visit me in my home country one day as my trips to London are infrequent. I can maybe make a trip next time just to see this remarkable escort. She is my favourite London hot spot. Thank You Sofia, I wish you a wonderful day. Aurel x

Added on June 7, 2017

this is sexiest girl I have been with. curves in all the right places and the perfect personality to match. as soon as you see her you'll be amazed, and thats before you get to the naughty part. when she turns the lights down she will send you wild with a great combination of gfe and animal passion. she knows all the little tricks...and I mean ALL. the moment you'll walk away you will be booking another night of passion with this goddess. can't wait to see you again...I just need to catch my breathe back after an extreme session with the hottest girl in W2

Added on May 26, 2017

Great body, built for fucking. Enjoys kissing and doggy but make sure you shave. Lovely pretty lady, treat her well

Added on April 24, 2017

Sofia and I met last week for a session at my hotel in Bloomsbury. I had arranged the meeting via email and she requested I call her when I arrived in London. We had a nice conversation on the phone where she was very clear about what I was looking for and what she was offering. Sounded like I made the correct choice. Sofia arrived a few minutes late but no matter, London traffic is hard to judge. I was very happy with what stood before me. She is exotic looking with deep black eyes and beautifully groomed. She wore a tight blue dress with a rain coat over the top but I was excited to see what was underneath. We sorted out the paperwork which she left on the table. She was relaxed, chatty and funny. She mentioned a funny situation the last time she visited a hotel which made me chuckle no end. She is quite the raconteur. Her expressive arms and hands waving all over the place with expression. It wasn't long before she was using her hands to stroke me and naughtily playing with what she called my Eiffel Tower. It felt good. She unzipped me and proceeded to suck me off with passion and aplomb which almost made things finish before they started so we slowed down and I led her to the bedroom. She undressed quickly revealing her buxom body which was scantily clad in satin underwear and stockings. A sight which will remain with me forever. This woman is elegant and classy outside the bedroom but turns into filth once she gets going and going she sure did. She was passionate, eager and did things to me I didn't ever think were possible. She expanded my limits let me just say. I would like to meet Sofia again for a longer booking once back in Londres and maybe meet her with one of her playmates. Sofia is sexual dynamite on her own so another lady to the mix might kill me but boy I would die a happy man. Thank you Sofia, you made me feel amazing and like a new man. Enjoy the dice. Until next time, Freddy x

Added on October 19, 2016

I'm a philanderer and unashamedly so. I'll like women of all shapes, colors or ages. For that reason I have seen a fair few escorts. I like meeting somebody new: every woman is a new experience and a source of fun. Sofia however is the one I keep going back to. I have been visiting her for some time always with the same pleasure. I will never tire of her. Her fantastic voluptuous and toned body with such delightful curves to explore. She is very feminine, sexy and classy. She knows how to use her extensive wardrobe to the best effect and I'm not only talking about her lingerie collection (ask for the pineapple dress). I felt extremely proud when other men looked at her with envy during diner dates. Her smile, sense of humour and fantastic attitude. She is flirty and charming making me feel welcome every single time. She is has Lady of great education too making conversation easy and exciting. Sofia and I have explored many sort of fun overtime. We had many sensual one on ones enjoying each other's company in different fashions. We also had highly intensive threesomes with her friends with few rules applying. Sofia seemed not only at ease with any of my fantasies and requests but she encouraged me to explore further too. And I suspect she took a lot of pleasure in the process to. She is a class act I can only recommend. XX Sofia, With many happy memories from your favourite French man. See you soon

Added on August 27, 2016

Sofia was my first experience with an escort. She is completely professional on the phone for booking. Her flat was easy to find, immaculately presented and spotless. When she opened the door my mind was blown, Sofia is absolutely stunning and immediately put me at ease, took my jacket and offered drinks straight away and just chatted to get me to relax as I was obviously nervous. Talk to her for 5 minutes and you start to realise how intelligent she is and also how cheeky she can be. She isn't afraid to have jokes made of her and once she learns a bit about you will make just as many jokes about you. She gives a wonderful gf experience, dinner was fantastic with her as a companion. My nerves got the better of me however she just kept the atmosphere in the bedroom relaxed until I was completely comfortable. She is the most flexible woman I have ever met. Seeing her do the splits is a memory that I hope will never leave me. Loved every second of my night with her, but still don't like the pillowcases.

Added on July 10, 2016

Well where do I start! Very professional and friendly before we met, and then the door opened by a Latin beauty with a lovely smile and sexy curvy body... after a very comfortable chat and shower, a beautiful woman awaited in sexy flimsies which showed off her best assests. Great ass and breasts and stroking, a little kissing and wonderful oral and full sex....then more chat and we ended up going 45 minutes overtime! Really lovely person who I would definitely recommend. The 2 hours turned nearly into 3 and flew by...couldn't recommend more! Sofia deserves respect and was well worth the time and investment....won't be in London again for a while but will try to meet up again when I do. Thank you Sofia xxx

Added on May 3, 2016

I met Sofia last week after trying on my previous visit to London but our times not aligning. Sofia is professional in her approach to emails and phone calls and texted me on the dot with her details for me to find her apartment on the day. Simple and polite with a very much can do attitude to the entire scenario. I had requested some lingerie from her photos and a tight fitting dress, I know that is highly original. What greeted me at the door was a fabulous sight of a curvaceous, perfectly presented woman with dark long hair and a huge smile. I was smitten. Far more relaxed than her phone manner and much friendlier than I could have wished for we had some fun banter about my day and hers too. Sofia has quite the sense of humour and is no shrinking violet so fasten your seatbelt as she takes you on a ride you won't forget. Sofia's physique is like no other, curvy in all the right places and firm with pretty spectacular boobs and her bum is the largest and firmest in London. I have seen many but none quite like this one. After a glass of wine and a shower she took me quite by surprise as she bent over her sofa and handed me a whip and told me to spank her. She said she had been very naughty and wanted me to punish her. Not a man who usually likes this sort of behaviour I originally declined but she just looked at me and said "I am not asking you to, I am telling you to" So I did begrudgingly gently and she demanded harder and then my hands and then another spanking toy. She clearly loved this and I have to say it was a pretty intense moment. Her oral skills are up there with any porn star and she never took her eyes off me once and I thought I was going to loose control at which point on was the condom and her on top fucking me senseless until it was all over. Dare I say not as long as I wanted in my mind but the intensity was well worth it! Sofia asked me if she could get out some toys to finish herself off and produced an enormous dildo which she proceeded to suck and fuck at varying intervals and then as I help her out she came pretty hard and we both started laughing at the intensity of it all. She told me she was in a particularly bad mood that day and needed a good slap and fuck to shift it and I was only too happy to oblige. We then chatted a little more and had a very interesting chat about some fairly off the wall topics. This woman is bright, no denying that. She knows her stuff and knows how to please and to be pleased. What a session! To quote the song 'oh what a night'. One I will repeat soon. Sofia is nothing short of naughty, explosive filth. If this is her on a bad day then heaven only knows what she's like on a good day.
Tricky Dicky

Added on February 12, 2016

Having spent a long time choosing who I should spend time with, I decided on Sofia. Probably the best decision I have made in a long time. Pure seduction, class, beauty, energy and experience, with the most velvety skin and such a spankable bottom. Thank you Sofia. Money well spent and I have been smiling ever since.

Added on January 2, 2016

I met Sofia just before Christmas. This was a very sweet and charming encounter. Sofia is true to her picture and she knows how to make your time a memorable moment. I am now looking forward to meeting her again with Keira.

Added on October 3, 2015

I met Sofia for the first time at the end of last year and again last week so this review is long overdue. Sofia is the definition of a high class escort not to add a seriously wonderful human being. Professional, polite, clean as a whistle and always attentive to my every detail. Booking is straight forward but best plan in advance as this woman is in hot demand and busy these days studying as well as moonlighting. I don't think she ever stops. She is sexy but not in the way I usually find women sexy, not an insult but she is just unusually seductive and her eyes are always searching and she catches me off guard when i least expect it. Not afraid to speak her mind and always up for cracking a joke or laughing at mine or at least out of courtesy! Sex with Sofia is more than a business transaction, she connects with what she is doing and works hard to make sure she's getting it right for you, no isn't an option and she will willingly adjust and try different approaches until she has you where she wants you. Physically this woman has great skin, large breasts and the most fantastic bum you will ever squeeze or slap as she demanded me to do. Her hands are as skilled as her tongue and once she is turned on it's like a non stop fuck frenzy until someone gets tired. Sadly on this occasion it was me, it wasn't without a battle of wills though. Sofia is like the Duracell bunny and happily keeps on going for as many rounds as you can muster, she clearly loves sex and isn't afraid to show it. Witty, funny and highly sexual there's no better escort if you like women who get better with age, have class and sophistication and offer immaculate surroundings as well as being immaculate herself. I have seen many London escorts but have to say that Sofia is up there with the best and truly is a woman to savour and spend time with. An utter delight and one I have repeated and will certainly do again soon. Thank you Sofia, you truly surpass all expectations each time I see you. James. x

Added on August 3, 2015

Sofia was on my radar for a very long time but due to circumstances, I never really managed to set up a meeting until recently. The venue was her flat, which is well appointed and easy to find and a short walk from the tube. When I entered Sofia's flat, I was greeted by a sensual woman with all the curves on the right places. Very shortly after entering her flat, I decided to have a shower as London that day was humid and I had the feeling that I would not take long before cloths would fly off. After some some initial chat, were it was difficult not to let my eyes wonder off to her cleavage (and I might add, I failed!) and me getting very excited, things got very heated. During the few rounds we had, everything was very steamy, hot, very passionate and wild. Sofia gave me a many highlights and I managed to return the favor to Sofia. Once our escapades finished, we both looked, well ... fucked! Between rounds, the conversation was easy going and interesting and I think Sofia will be great for longer dates. So, to summarize it and without sounding disrespectful, Sofia is a great fuck and excellent company."

Added on June 29, 2015

So.....a boring afternoon at work, a hot sunny day and feeling horny....what to do? Call Sofia of course!! Amazingly she was available so shortly after my call I was walking through the door to be met by a vision of a goddess....tiny lingerie, stockings, silk robe and sexy glasses.....heaven is on earth in Bayswater! Now usually we sit and chat, enjoy a glass of wine but today it was about getting hot and steamy so after a quick cold shower we fell into each other's arms and passionately removed what little clothing there was....amazing as always and I can honestly say I have never been as hard as I was in Sofia's hands....literally! After the most intense orgasm I have had I had to return the favour to Sofia and it was truly a pleasure, feeling and tasting the best pussy in London. After a relaxing chat and catch up Sofia started to work her magic....sadly no round two for me, age and heat....but watching Sofia play with herself and me was a sight to behold and wanking over that amazing arse will keep me going until my next per Sofia's earlier blog, she can be a GFE and most definitely can be a PSE.....but best or all, she is herself, sexy, amazing fun and the best way to bunk off for an afternoon!! See you soon.....Mr D xx

Added on June 1, 2015

We met at Sofia's swanky bachelorette pad in Bayswater. The main room was very tastefully done out, with all the mod cons available. White wine was on offer (Sofia had texted me earlier to ask me what sort of wine I liked - how's that for pulling out all the stops!) and we had a chat on the sofa about what each of us had got up to on the weekend. Perfect.Sofia was dressed exactly as requested, and given I had forgotten nearly half these items myself by the time I'd got to W. London, I'd say she did very well to remember them all. So yes, we can safely establish Sofia is quite capable of entertaining (putting up with?) fussy clients. :) As you would expect from all the rave reviews on here, Sofia is gorgeous. What else were you expecting? Sofia assured me I could write whatever I wanted about our experiences, but I'm a bit old fashioned when it comes to sharing intimate details, so I'll have to leave that to the reader's imagination. What I can say is that everything I asked her for was available. Her 'likes' list is very accurate and I'd be surprised if she wasn't willing to try all/most of them providing you are clean and polite.I had initially contacted Sofia earlier in the week for a fantasy-roleplay session. As should always be the case, I made sure Sofia had a very clear idea of what I was looking for, and what I wanted to do. When we met, we talked over my special requests once again, and we began with all the boundaries properly in place - which is how it should be in any such situation, in my view. What I really appreciate, however, is that Sofia was also open to some spontaneous requests as well: so long as I asked permission from her, she let me know very firmly and clearly whether she was into these 'sexual embellishments' or not. For this, I cannot thank her enough - the worst thing when you're playing a role is when you're not given any feedback, and thus end up in a mild anxiety about whether what you're doing is okay or not. But the experience worked both ways: I feel Sofia was just as keen to learn as she was to teach. Not only did she slip into her assigned role with ease, she allowed me to feel comfortable enough to reverse roles - so she could let me know what it was like on her side of fence. "I think you've met you're match in me" she said at one point, and I think you may be right Sofia! But, as we should all know by now, escorting isn't just about sex - in fact, I'd be surprised if more than 50% of escorting work was directly sex-related - and so it was also a pleasure to talk to Sofia in depth after our session had finished. As it transpired, Sofia is taking a degree in a subject I'm very passionate about, so it made my night to have a conversation about something I'm actually interested in. And this, in turn, meant I had the pleasure of sharing intimate time with someone in whom I was actually interested! I should also add that Sofia is not at all a clock-watcher, and let me stay and talk long after our session had officially ended. In fact, we became so engrossed in conversation, I came very close to missing work! I could have happily chatted to Sofia long into the early hours, but a man knows when it's time to scooter on...My only regret is not to have met this beguiling and paradoxical lady in other circumstances, as I think we would make great friends. C'est la vie!
The Cricketer

Added on April 20, 2015

Early 30's with sallow Spanish completion, large natural bust and magnificent behind.Truly magnificent. What can I say that has not been said already by others. Sofia is everything you could want and more . A Sexy, intelliigent, articulate, funny, passionate, adventureous, curvaceous woman. A true companion. A heady cocktail of London and Madrid. Equally at home in a smart restaurant , social occasion or in the privacy of the bedroom when her Spanish passion comes to the fore! I enjoyed the privilege of her company for 36 hours when visiting london. I had not met her before and was somewhat nervous about the length of the date despite the excellent communication process when we were setting things up. Within 10 minutes of her arriving at the hotel I knew I had made the right decision. My worries disappeared as we chatted and relaxed over a cocktail before getting more intimate. Sofia encouraged me to undress her as we moved from the sofa to the bed, slowly revealing her magnificent figure clad in black lingerie as requested. Her bottom is a sight to behold. We explored each other passionately with Sofia using her excellent oral skills to great effect. When I had recovered enough for a second round we explored our favourite positions taking full advantage of the extra large bed and sturdy headboard. Sofia was passionate, sensual and enthusiastic. Eventually, both completely spent after a magnificent evening, we drifted off to sleep. Sofia exceeded all my expectations over the next two days as we enjoyed London in the Spring sunshine. Sofia was everything you would expect from reading her website with the passion of our first night replicated several times.I flew home with wonderful memories that I hope will stay with me forever. Sofia is one of a kind. Treat this wonderful lady with gentleness and respect. She is an absolute gem.

Added on April 3, 2015

Saw Sofia again last week and, as usual, the experience was utterly fantastic. She is every bit as gorgeous in the flesh as she is in the photos. She is just an awesome person to spend time with, not counting the obvious ;). Have a nice holiday!
Mr D

Added on February 18, 2015

So, I have had the pleasure of Sofia's company many times over the years but for lots of reasons have only just got back in touch recently and like a fine wine she gets better with age! I'm not going to say how gorgeous she is because any fool can see that from her gallery, but what i will say is what a wonderful companion she yes, kinky if you want, adventurous definitely but most importantly kind, funny, caring and all together great to spend time with .....if you want a "service" go elsewhere, if you want a true "experience" then visit Sofia, you'd be mad not too!!

Added on February 3, 2015

Visited Sofia again for a second time last week. This time I saw here together with Keira. I arrived at Sofia's excellent and easy to find appartment, and was greeted by both ladies at the door. The day had been rather stressfull, and I arrived feeling like an overstressed, nervous wreck. But I was soon relaxed as I sat down with the ladies and was served a drink. We had a talk and I had a chance to admire these two beauties. Sofia's dark hair Mediterranean looks are perfectly complemented by Keira's milky white skin and red hair. One also notices that these ladies know each other well, and there is a great chemistry between them. Sofia is maybe more vocal and direct when it comes to the dirty talk, while Keira will send you these really naughty glances. But they both look at you like they need you to fuck them right away. As we talked I found it increasingly harder to maintain eye contact, as my eyes kept on wandering downwards. We took that as a cue to move on to the naughty bits. The details you can imagine for yourselves, but I can say the expirience was incredible, and my three hours flew away in now time at all. I left them feeling like the happiest man in the world, and I was grinning all the way back to my hotel. To sum it up, a duo with Sofia and Keira is definatly something that should be expirienced. Thank you both for an incredible evening I will never forget.

Added on January 27, 2015

Sometimes less is more and this review is short but I hope very sweet! I am a man of many kinks and peccadillos - Sofia fulfilled them all. One of my kinks is the pleasure I derive from easy going and clear communication in setting up a meeting. In this regard, Sofia is perfect. Setting up the meeting was easy peasy lemon squeezy - Sofia is professionalism and effieciency to a tee - prompt responses to emails, lovely phone manner and very clear instructiions (just how I like it). I have enjoyed the pleasures of many lovely ladies and can confidently say that Sofia is one of the best by far. She is remarkably warm and hospitpable and the second I was inside her lovely, well appointed and tastefully decorated boudoir I felt most welcome and very much at home. Conversation flowed easily and readily - this lady does not fake or feign interest she was genuinely interested in me as a person and, trust me, oozes sez and sensual appeal. After a quick shower and returning from it - the sight that greeted me was sensual Sofia attired in black lingerie - she is gorgeous and has a bottom to die for - well certainly one to spank and worship. I do enjoy meeting ladies who enjoy their work and my o my does Sofia enjoy her work - she gives and receives with relish and mother nature has gifted with the most fulsome puppies - truly a sigh to behold and hold! :) Details can be vulgar and all I am really prepared to say is that the 90 minutes I booked with the delicious and delectable Sofa came to a crescendo climax which left me sated and satisfied , with a huge smile on my face. I am looking forward to returning - I know I am assured a warm welcome and if you are lucky enough to see her and if voluptuous, sensual, delicious women are your thing, (they are mine), it would be impossible to be disappointed.

Added on January 26, 2015

Saw Sofia for the second time with a duo friend of hers called Keira. Her apartment is in a basement flat in a fairly nice area and fairly easy to find This was a much better evening than when I first saw her with another friend who got completely drunk and even fell off the bed at one point. Keira is a beautiful full figured red head who complimented Sofia perfectly. Had booked a three hour session with Sofia as I had really enjoyed my time with her last time. I was welcomed in and immediately offered a drink. The three of us sat down and talked briefly, remembering the last time before I went to have a shower. When I came out, the 2 girls had changed into latex nurses uniforms as we had discussed earlier by email. The sight of the two of them in those outfits made me hard immediately. Sofia had been to the sex shop that day and was eager to try out some of her purchases. With my consent, they tied me to the bed with straps and soft manacles and proceeded to tease me. They then got out some toys and whilst one of them was playing and sucking my cock, the other started inserting a vibrator up my arse. The sensations were amazing and coupled with excellent oral skills from both girls, it wasn't long before I came. Being in my late 50's, I need some time in which to recover and whilst this was going on, we lay on the bed, kissing cuddling and chatting some more. After a while, I felt ready for round 2. This time, Sofia moved up to sit on my face whilst Keira put a condom on me and slowly lowered herself onto me. I was in heaven, and although they carried on like this for some time, because I have a problem coming wearing a condom, I asked them to get off, and this time Keira finished me off with her mouth. Another lengthy rest followed and finally they tried for a third. I am not actually sure if I came this time because the feeling went on for ages and I think they had wrung me dry. All in all, an excellent evening and I would recommend both girls highly.
Babablack Sheep

Added on January 13, 2015 Posted on: Jan 13, 2015 Arranged an hour with this Mediterranean dark eyed beauty on a rainy afternoon and when I saw her, she has one hell of an aura in the flesh, a beautiful lady to come in from the wet and cold to. Sat on the sofa she offered me a drink and I couldn't keep my hands off her curves. After a shower, she seduced me with those boobs and lips and ass before vigorously sucking me dry on her knees as I sat on the sofa, before leading me to the bed for further adventures. Book her yourself and get some cheeky memories you can enjoy forever- people will wonder what you are grinning about ;-)

Added on January 13, 2015

Arranged an hour with this Mediterranean dark eyed beauty on a rainy afternoon and when I saw her, she has one hell of an aura in the flesh, a beautiful lady to come in from the wet and cold to. Sat on the sofa she offered me a drink and I couldn't keep my hands off her curves. After a shower, she seduced me with those boobs and lips and ass before vigorously sucking me dry on her knees as I sat on the sofa, before leading me to the bed for further adventures. Book her yourself and get some cheeky memories you can enjoy forever- people will wonder what you are grinning about ;-)

Added on May 7, 2014

I think I am in love with this wonderful woman. Sofia can do it all and she really does like to enjoy herself from the moment she arrived I knew I was in for a treat. My nerves vanished after moments of opening the door. She had a glint in her eye that others have mentioned which is telling her suitor to take her to bed. She took me on this occasion and never once seemed aware of the time she has overstayed or made it feel like a professional meeting which I know it is but it is always nice to make believe for a while. She looks like her recent photos and is packed full of goodness. She smells and tastes divine and her skin is incredibly soft and supple. I only had 2 hours to spend but next time I am back in the big smoke I plan to take her for a dinner date and find out more about this exotic, sexy, funny and highly sexual creature that graced me with her presence on what would have otherwise been a very different evening all together. Thank you Sofia, let me know if you change your mind about marrying me. Brandon

Added on April 17, 2014

Saw Sofia for the 3rd time yesterday and as ever, it was wonderful. Not only is she RIDICULOUSLY sexy, but she is a throughly nice person too. Thanks again. Till next time.

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